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Editorial: It is in giving …

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We borrow today’s headline from the prayer of St. Francis of Assisi, patron saint of animals and ecology and one of the most venerated figures in the history of Christianity.

And, though the prayer, itself, has been characterized as a declaration of intent and faith, the truth of this seemingly contradictory proposition — “it is in giving that we receive” — transcends the boundaries of mere faith. It is demonstrable, and about this time every year, it is demonstrated right here in Craig, Colorado.

On Sept. 14, Craig residents turned out with open hearts and wallets to support Moffat County United Way’s 2018 kickoff event — $15K Day — when the nonprofit organization sought to jump start its annual fundraising efforts by gathering $15,000 in donations in a single day. Yampa Valley Bank once again buoyed this effort by matching up to $7,500 in first-day donations.

As of Thursday morning, Annette Norton, United Way executive director, did not have the final tally on how much the Sept. 14 event raised, but based on the turnout we observed, we can only conclude this year’s fundraising effort is off to a strong start.

United Way will continue raising funds through the end of December, with an ultimate goal of raising $460,000 to benefit local nonprofits. The organization set the same goal last year and — thanks to the overwhelming generosity that has always characterized this community — it surpassed that goal by $146.

While specific motivations are individual, at its heart, we are convinced that behind Moffat County’s steadfast altruism lies an honest desire to help — an ineffable sense of empathy that intuitively informs us we are always stronger when we work together in a spirit of community.

Hence, our agreement with St. Francis’ assertion: It is in giving that we receive.

Consider the causes United Way is able to support through our generosity: Bear River Young Life, the Boys & Girls Club, Interfaith Food Bank, Craig Senior Citizens, Freedom Hooves, Northwest Colorado Health, Reaching Everyone Preventing Suicide, Mind Springs Health, Love INC, Horizons Specialized Services, Moffat County Cancer Society, Northwest Colorado Legal Services, the Community Budget Center, Humane Society of Moffat County, and Bridges Out of Poverty, the last of which is an internal program of United Way.

When we consider the work done by these fine organizations — much of which is made possible by United Way and the funds it administers on behalf of us all — it becomes clear that, through helping such organizations, we help ourselves.

These nonprofits function as stabilizers. They offer those in need assistance with the basics of life many of us take for granted; they reach out to those in crisis and offer a hand up, and through helping others to help themselves, we better our community as a whole.

It’s been said that a rising tide lifts all boats, and whether you believe such a sentiment or not, the results can be seen in the contents of your wallet. Investing in prevention and assistance pays dividends in the form of a more functional society, and that’s good for everyone.

So we salute the Moffat County United Way and all the businesses and individuals who give so selflessly to support its vitally important work.

This year’s fundraising drive will continue through the end of the year, and Norton said donations may be made at the local United Way office, on the organizations website, or, in many cases, through payroll deductions.

We thank those who have already given and encourage those who wish and are able to pledge their own contributions.

It is in giving that we receive.

And in this case, what we receive far outweighs the gift that prompted it.