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Editorial: History, with both barrels

Lost in the glow of the Museum of Northwest Colorado’s impressive acquisition of a Norman Rockwell display has been Wyman Museum, an educational outlet and preserver of history every bit as equal as its more established counterpart.

Wyman, however, recently answered back with an impressive collection addition of its own.

In late June, a tractor-trailer rolled into town, carrying cargo that reached six digits.

Wyman Museum owner Lou Wyman brought an M47 U.S. Army tank, a green hulking machine weighing roughly 100,000 pounds that was used in Korea and Vietnam, to the community to be displayed at his museum.

The editorial board offers thanks to Wyman, as well as local company Anson Excavating & Pipe Inc., for bringing the tank to the community.

It’s a real-life piece of American history sitting in our backyard, a tangible addition that signifies American values and the sacrifices necessary to preserve them. Not only will it be interesting for adults to view, the tank is also something students should see as an example that wars aren’t fought on television or in history books.

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Craig and Moffat County is fortunate to have two high-quality museums, and also stewards of history like Lou Wyman.

Here’s a man who has routinely sank his own money into the museum venture — he paid $60,000 for the M47 — to enrich the lives of Craig and Moffat County residents.

He goes about his business of contributing to the community without getting political, or asking much from those around him. That selflessness is rare in this day and age, and this board, for one, is grateful for his presence here.

If you haven’t gotten a chance to see the tank in person, please do so, but don’t necessarily be in a hurry.

By all accounts it was a chore getting the tank here, and it isn’t likely to be gone anytime soon.

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Our View

Kudos to Wyman Museum owner Lou Wyman for bringing such an interesting piece of American history to Craig and Moffat County in the form of an M47 U.S. Army tank. Our community is fortunate to have two quality museums, as well as stewards of history like Wyman, who is largely unsung in his contributions.