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Editorial: History in the making

Prepare to be introduced to the world, Craig and Moffat County.

That's essentially what our community was told Friday afternoon when a spokeswoman with the Mitt Romney campaign confirmed to the Craig Daily Press the former Massachusetts governor and likely Republican presidential nominee would indeed make a campaign stop in our community next week.

Word spread quickly around town of the news, and excitement built in some circles.

"I love him," said Sari Cobb, owner of Cornerstone Realty, a business a Peyton Manning spiral away from where Romney will appear Tuesday morning at Alice Pleasant Park. "I am thrilled with his ethics. I like basically everything he stands on."

A business near Cornerstone, Pam Design Interiors, even graced its front window with a sign welcoming Romney on Friday.

This, it should be noted, is just a small sampling of the anticipation that's likely to build over the next few days about the visit to a community as tried and true Republican as they come.

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But, political affiliations aside, there are plenty of other reasons to be excited about the visit.

It's rare a community our size, in a location as remote as ours, gets the attention of such a political heavyweight.

While many polls indicate he trails President Barack Obama, it's not outside the realm of possibility that we'll be hosting the next leader of the free world live and in person Tuesday.


In our backyard.

In Craig, America.

Take a minute to let that sink in. We certainly needed one.

Forget politics, if you want, and at least appreciate this special moment in our community's history that's about to unfold.

For a brief moment in time, our community will be introduced around the country and globe. That's important, special, and downright cool.

The Craig Daily Press, and we're certain numerous others, welcome Romney and his team to the community, and we encourage everyone to take time from their day Tuesday to attend his public event and hear the candidate speak about his ideas for the future.

Whether you plan to vote for him or not is almost irrelevant.

Tuesday is bound to be a historical event for our community and there simply isn't a good reason not to be part of it.

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Our View

Friday’s news that Mitt Romney, presumptive presidential Republican nominee, will be making a campaign stop in Craig and Moffat County was surprising, to say the least. Politics aside, a visit of such magnitude is historical for our small community, and puts us squarely in the national spotlight for a moment, however brief it may be.