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Editorial: Grand plans

Another year of Grand Olde West Days has come and gone with crabby weather dousing turnout.

That's nothing unusual, of course, given that erratic weather is seemingly joined at the hip with the annual event.

Not that we don't appreciate the time and effort that goes into hosting Grand Olde West Days, but with so many obstacles in its path — weather, Moffat County High School graduation and Memorial Day — the Editorial Board contends that it's time organizers seriously evaluate whether the event can be moved to a different weekend, or even if it should continue at all.

There are two immediate benefits of either moving Grand Olde West Days to a different weekend, or canceling it altogether.

First, the most important: more attention could be paid to Memorial Day.

For far too long, Memorial Day has been marginalized by many as a day to shop or the last leg of a three-day weekend.

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We've forgotten the true concept of Memorial Day — paying a solemn tribute and respect to those fallen servicemen and women who served their country.

Although turnout for Monday's Memorial Day ceremony at Craig Cemetery was admirable — more than 100 people attended to pay their respects — it could have been better, and should be better as a just tribute to our veterans.

Perhaps turnout would be better if the day's calendar was cleared of seemingly trivial matters by comparison, in this case Grand Olde West Days.

Another benefit in moving or scrubbing Grand Olde West Days lies in community resources.

If the event was moved, community members wouldn't be stretched thin with high school graduation also occuring the same weekend.

If it was cancelled, more resources could be put into another event, like the Moffat County Fair, which the Editorial Board contends has also waned in recent years.

As we stated earlier, this opinion piece isn't a condemnation of the people who put Grand Olde West Days together. They work hard and do the best they can.

However, the circumstances surrounding the event are making it more difficult each year to be successful.

An honest evaluation of the event and scheduling must happen before moving forward with another year of so-so results.

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Our View

With bad weather, lagging turnout and Memorial Day as obstacles, it’s time to reconsider the timing of Grand Olde West Days, or whether the event is necessary altogether. By moving the event, more attention could be paid to Memorial Day, or by canceling it, more resources could be devoted to another event, like the Moffat County Fair.