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Editorial: Getting connected

It's easy, understandable even, for those more fortunate than others to take daily conveniences for granted. Conveniences like having a reliable vehicle and little trouble getting to work each day.

For many of us, this is the case. Regretfully, not all of us are in such a enviable situation.

For some people, hard economic times or their station in life makes the seemingly simple — like getting to work with no problems and thereby earning a living — a tough prospect.

On behalf of this group, the Editorial Board proposes that our local officials explore improving public transportation on two fronts — a bus or shuttle service that runs routes in-town, and an improved sidewalk system that connects to key locations around the community.

The Editorial Board contends improved transportation via a bus/shuttle service and a better sidewalk system would add convenience, reduce costs and potentially enhance safety for many demographics, like those with limited incomes, youth, students, the elderly, or those who simply prefer a different mode of travel.

Of course, these ideas are good in theory and may not necessarily be so when it comes to paying for them, which is why board members are advocating only for their consideration.

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Maybe they're realistic and achievable, and maybe they're not.

But, issues like these, issues that improve the quality of life for residents, are what people are generally seeking out of local officials and government leaders.

Our sidewalks in this community, for instance, are in atrocious shape and have been ignored for too long.

They need to be significantly upgraded. Efforts at patching up some parts are underway, but a longer look should be given to completely revitalizing the sidewalks, and weaving them into an organized network.

It's through efforts at improving quality of life like these that our community will become a better, more marketable and attractive place for businesses and residents — those here already and those considering relocation in the future.

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Our View

From bus/shuttle service to a revitalized sidewalk system, bolstering public transportation in Craig and Moffat County is worth exploring. Such amenities would add convenience and reduce costs for numerous residents.