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Editorial: Fundraising fever

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We were pleased, gratified and proud last week to learn that Moffat County United Way has surpassed this year’s fundraising goal of $460,000, gathering a total of $460,146 thanks to the selfless giving and overwhelming generosity of local businesses and residents.

The United Way supports the important work of numerous local agencies, including the Boys & Girls Club of Craig, the Community Budget Center, Grand Futures, Horizons, Interfaith Food Bank, Mindsprings Health, Northwest Colorado Health, REPS, the Senior Social Center, the Yampa Valley Crisis Pregnancy Center, Freedom Hooves and the Bridges Out of Poverty Program, among others.

According to United Way Executive Director Amanda Arnold, the agency has received applications from 20 local nonprofits, and its allocation committee is set to meet Feb. 27 and 28 to make funding decisions for the coming year.

It is important to remember that every dollar raised in Moffat County stays in Moffat County and goes to helps residents of Moffat County, often those who lack the resources to help themselves and have been overlooked by other funding mechanisms; that’s local engagement and community spirit at its finest, and we should all be very proud, of both the United Way, which works tirelessly to provide assistance to those who need it, and of our community, which gives faithfully and generously year after year.

While this year’s fundraising effort was not the largest ever, it did exceed the amounts given in each of the past five years and bested last year’s total by some $8,000.

Fundraising runs Sept. 15 through Nov. 15, but donations come in December and mid-January, as well.

Many of the donations are corporate, but many also come from individuals, as well as from groups of employees at participating businesses. But large or small, we should never forget that every little bit helps, and every person who contributes, either by payroll deduction or via a lump sum, plays a vital role in the betterment of our community.

And most of the gifts have not been small.

According to this year’s statistics, the average individual donor this year gave $355, and, of the nation’s 398 United Way chapters operating in areas of 50,000 or fewer residents, Moffat County was ranked 17th in terms of fundraising performance.

This is a badge of honor for this community and its residents, and further proof that, though we still struggle with economic challenges, we are boundlessly rich in our generosity toward our friends and neighbors.

And, In terms of true wealth, we think the second metric is far more telling, and lasting, than the first.


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