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Editorial: Follow their lead

Walking the streets of Craig it doesn't take long before you find yourself stepping over or around trash left by some irresponsible citizen.

The members of this editorial board have witnessed, on routine occasions, local residents dumping the contents of their car ashtrays on the pavement, leaving a small mound of ash and cigarette butts for someone else to clean up, before driving away.

Children practice their hook shots with empty soda bottles and not-too-distant garbage cans, miss, and continue on their way.

And this complete sense of apathy isn't confined to the public thoroughfares of the City of Craig. Many residents appear content to allow their private residences to stand in a state of disarray.

September marks the beginning of the hunting season.

Just the other day members of the editorial board watched a small group of visitors, decked out in camouflage and blaze orange, walk into the Golden Cavvy for breakfast before heading out into the field.

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Many more will follow in the coming weeks.

Now it is not this board's responsibility to tell people what they can or can't do with their own private property, but a yard full of trash not only makes you look like a boorish rube, it makes the rest of us look like a bunch of country bumpkins.

Maybe it's time we all take a page out of the book of Craig residents Ken Wergin and Ron Schaeffer, who can be seen almost every weekday morning picking up trash along Craig's most traveled streets.

This is not only a great example of good citizenship, but also paradigm of a genuine desire to make Craig a better place to live for everyone.

We all talk about the need for change. The editorial board contends an easy place to start is right in your front yard.

Let's give this town a good old-fashioned spit shine to encourage our new visitors to return and our longtime hunters a reason to keep coming back.

Maybe someday soon they'll look at Craig as their home base when it comes time to explore everything the Yampa Valley has to offer beyond hunting.

Editorial Board

Al Cashion

Community Representative

Patt McCaffrey

Community Representative

Bryce Jacobson

Newspaper representative

Joe Moylan

Newspaper representative

Our View

There are a number of organizations, and residents, committed to making Craig and Moffat County a welcoming community. Yet, there are some who seem content to not only keep their own residences in a state of complete disarray, but who also habitually litter all over town. With the early parts of the hunting season already underway, and a flock of visitors on the horizon, the editorial board contends it’s time we all take a page out of the book of two Craig residents in particular.