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Editorial: Election overload

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As the 2012 campaign season comes to a frenzy in the weeks before the Nov. 6 election, it can be easy to be disenfranchised with the whole process and lose interest. However we encourage anyone unfamiliar with the issues to learn what they are and how they could affect the country. The Craig Daily Press is hosting a debate at 5:30 p.m. Thursday at JW Snacks, 210 E. Victory Way, which gives residents another chance to do just that.

For anyone not living under a rock, the rapid approach of Election Day is hard to miss.

In addition to the mess of political signs posted in front yards around the community and the increase in politically oriented mailings and letters to the editor appearing in the Craig Daily Press, there’s one more sign that marks the approach of an election: The incessant TV ads.

The presence of these ads should be especially evident to anyone watching football the past few weekends. It seemed like the political ads outnumbered even the beer commercials.

What makes the presence of these ads even more intrusive and annoying is the fact that almost all of them harp on the ugliest and most negative aspects of the campaign season without giving voters any semblance of the concrete ideas both sides of the aisle should have to actually improve our great nation.

And for the record, nothing about Big Bird should ever be political. Ever.

What can get lost in this shuffle of empty rhetoric and campaign promises is the outstanding slate of local candidates we have to choose from this year. Even going back to before the primary elections last spring, the Moffat County community has been blessed with several residents who took it upon themselves to organize a campaign and seek public office.

And unlike some state and most federal races, the local candidates in Moffat County so far all have run respectful and respectable campaigns.

The signs and fliers supporting each candidate have all been based on the strengths of the sponsoring candidates rather than perceived negatives of their opponent, almost all the letters to the editor have been written to support a candidate rather than to sling mud at an opponent, and the candidate forums and debates have all been used as ways to promote a platform rather than as a platform for spreading negativity.

We would like to say thank you to all those involved in local campaigns this season. In a national political climate as polarizing as ever, it’s nice to have local leaders who are respectful and seem to have their minds pointed in the right direction: the betterment of Craig and Moffat County.

We also want to encourage anyone who isn’t familiar with the issues and candidates associated with Nov. 6 election to get acquainted. We know all the negative aspects of election season, especially when it involves a presidential election, can be enough to turn a person off altogether to the whole process, but we have a responsibility as residents to have a stake in the direction our country, state, county and city are each headed.

It’s not hard in Moffat County, either. Unlike in national races, where television usually serves as a liaison between a candidate and the people, in Moffat County you can see your candidates face to face and ask them questions directly.

The Bears Ears Tea Party Patriots, among others, have hosted several candidate forums allowing local residents this very opportunity. Thursday, the Craig Daily Press will provide the community with another when it hosts a candidate forum at 5:30 p.m. at JW Snacks, 210 E. Victory Way.

The event will include the candidates for Moffat County Commissioner and candidates in the Colorado House District 57 race, as well as some others.

We encourage everyone to attend, or to watch live online at http://www.craigdailypress.com. Events like this help spread ideas and hopefully help voters realize the best available choice.

Because despite the presence of negative political ads that try to focus attention on the worst we have to offer, figuring out who would serve us most admirably should be what elections are truly about.

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