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Editorial: Do not burn after reading

It was a fire likely ignited due to an ignorant act, and one that could have meant potential disaster for residents and homes in our community.

But, almost as quickly as the Sand Fire grew from the embers to cover 2,000 acres, public service agencies responded and contained the blaze, limiting damage.

For those agencies, as well as the private companies who contributed voluntarily, the editorial board is grateful. The teamwork, skill and dedication to fight the fire should be appreciated and never forgotten.

Last week’s fire also underscores a few key points, the editorial board believes.

First and foremost, never doubt the potential repercussions from a seemingly simple and stupid act.

In the case of the fire, that act was likely the flick of a cigarette butt into bone-dry conditions ripe for wildfires.

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It’s truly a shame the person who belonged to that discarded smoke will never be known and held accountable.

That person’s idiocy endangered numerous people — residents and first responders — and an untold dollar amount in private property.

The editorial board and community should certainly be relieved the damage was minimized, because the possibility existed for so much worse to happen.

Next, the fire also illustrates just how scorched conditions are right now in our community, and it should also reinforce to residents that Fourth of July fireworks are too risky.

The Craig Rural Fire Protection District Board made the right decision canceling this year’s city display, though the board’s rationale of making the decision primarily out of political considerations seems a bit odd.

We all share an affection for our country, but patriotism doesn’t have to be defined by fireworks.

Community members can still recognize Independence Day and appreciate our country and the sacrifices made to create it, but within the constraints of the law.

We’ve seen how rapidly fires can swell in the current conditions. The tiny reward of colorful lights in the night sky isn’t worth the risk to the rest of the community.

We dodged a bullet with the Sand Fire, and were lucky it was out west where the population and number of homes aren't as dense.

There’s no telling where the next fire could be.

So please, at least while these dangerous conditions exist everyone be smart and responsible.

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Editorial board members:

• Al Cashion

— Community representative

• Alisa Corey

— Community representative

• Bryce Jacobson

— Newspaper representative

• Patt McCaffrey

— Community representative

• Jerry Martin

— Newspaper representative

• Joshua Roberts

— Newspaper representative

Our View

Last week’s Sand Fire began through an act of recklessness, and 2 acres quickly grew to 2,000. But, the fire was fizzled through efficient response. The agencies involved did a marvelous job responding to the blaze, which could have easily been worse than what it was. From a grateful editorial board and community, thank you.