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Editorial: Community buy-in needed

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There have been signs in recent weeks that academics, athletics and activities in the Moffat County School District are perhaps being changed for the better. Still, a community effort is needed to complete a cultural shift necessary for improvement.

With the formation of new support organizations and a renewed emphasis on spirit at games and contests, the tea leaves read that more attention is being paid to Moffat County School District academics, athletics and activities, with eyes fixed on improvement.

These developments are positive for our school district and students.

District teachers, administrators and officials have seemingly embraced the enhanced community support, and for this they deserve praise. Rather than being territorial or bucking at the assistance effort of outsiders, our school district staffers have joined the effort with open minds.

Still, it’s going to take more of a collective effort, that is more from everyone involved, to get educational, athletic and extracurricular activities headed in a direction more indicative of our students’ vast potential, and in a direction that better reflects on the Craig and Moffat County community.

In short, editorial board members believe the culture within our schools and athletic programs must change, as do the expectations from community members.

Lance Scranton, a Moffat County High School teacher and coach, stated as much in a column published this week in the Craig Daily Press.

In his column, Scranton referred to exchanges that sometimes occur between he and students regarding class work.

Notions of “It’s good enough,” or “It’s just Craig, what do you expect?” are floated around from time to time, he wrote.

The editorial board is reassured there are teachers such as Scranton, who answer such mediocre statements and questions by saying, “Yes, it is good enough and this is Craig, but is it your best?”

Sentiments such as these are needed to get our academics, athletics and activities back to acceptable standards. It’s statements like Scranton’s that need to be coming from teachers, parents, community members, boosters, business owners … everyone in Craig and Moffat County … so a tone is set. Short of that kind of buy-in, our results are always going to be mixed with scattered stories of hits and misses.

Money, the editorial board believes, won’t solve all the issues our students, schools and athletes face.

Funding isn’t the silver bullet as much as a specific plan targeting how money can be used most effectively. That, partnered with energy, enthusiasm and support from a community invested in seeing our young people succeed in all fashions, is a recipe for a turnaround.

Is a foundation being put down for future successes? We believe it is. Can we expect results to improve in increments in a short timeframe? We think so.

Does a complete support program exist for sustained excellence in all endeavors? Not yet, but we’re encouraged things are moving in the right direction, that seeds are being planted for that necessary cultural change.

And, there’s a role you can play in helping the district arrive at such a destination. Think about what you can do, how you can help, and then jump at it.

It doesn’t have to include reaching for your pocketbook.

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