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Editorial: Commitment to excellence?

On Sept. 4 the Craig Middle School football team played host to Rawlins Middle School at the CMS football field during the opening game of the season.

In addition to the scoreboard not working, members of the editorial board witnessed a number of Rawlins parents complain about the condition of the bleachers.

They were so bad one visiting parent drove to Samuelson True Value Hardware and Lumber, and returned with what looked like every roll of duct tape Samuelson's had in stock.

Rawlins parents then proceeded to wrap tape around the bleacher seats in an effort to keep splinters at bay and to make the seats comfortable enough to sit on through the game's entirety.

This is embarrassing to say the least.

Currently there are three community organizations dedicated to improving education in Moffat County, including The Bulldog Booster Club, Maximum Commitment to Excellence Committee and Friends of Moffat County Education.

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In his letter marking the beginning of the 2012-2013 school year, MCSD superintendent Joe Petrone said the three community organizations were comprised of "convincing and committed groups of parents, business leads, civil servants and community leaders."

But there appears to be one faction noticeably absent from participation in these community organizations, teachers.

The editorial board is not trying to take anything away from the teaching profession. We know it isn't easy and the work you folks do is nothing short of admirable.

But if you think your contribution to education begins and ends with the daily school bells, we contend that's not enough.

In a time when almost every school district in the country is yelling poverty few solutions are presented outside of increased funding.

MCSD is not poverty-stricken, not by a long shot.

According to its fiscal year 2012-2013 budget MCSD is sitting on more than $10 million in reserve funds, including more than $1 million for capital improvements.

And yet the school district doesn't have a problem with sending its students out to panhandle in the community whenever there is a need for school supplies, athletic uniforms or better technology for teachers.

How often do teachers contribute $20, $30 or $40 to these causes? Why is there not one teacher or administrator active on one of the three local community boards?

If we're going to have all of this dedication from the community the editorial board contends the school district needs to dedicate some of its time, people and financial resources to itself.

This is for the kids.

Where is your commitment to excellence?

Editorial Board

Al Cashion

Community representative

Patt McCaffrey

Community representative

Joe Moylan

Newspaper representative

Our View

A lack of funding for education has taken center stage at the national, state and local levels. In Craig there are three community organizations dedicated to improving education both inside and outside of the classroom. Yet, in a time when our own Moffat County School District is yelling poverty, it’s interesting to note that not one teacher or administrator is active on any of the community boards. Teachers: where is your commitment to excellence?