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Editorial: City needs to finish what it started

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The City of Craig needs to take a hard look at potentially dangerous streets, particularly the stretch of Barclay that crosses the Sandrocks. More enforcement and sidewalks would go a long way to ensuring the safety of motorists and pedestrians alike.

Anyone who starts a project should follow it through to the end.

Common sense, right?

Yet completion is noticeably lacking when it comes to some of Craig’s streets and pathways.

The stretch of Barclay Street that crosses the Sandrocks is a good example. It’s a hazard that a little forethought and follow through could have prevented.

The street is narrow, winding and steep on both sides of the Sandrocks, making it an invitation for young, reckless drivers to catch air.

It’s a daily hazard for residents who live in this area, and it’s only a matter of time before someone gets hurt or killed.

The editorial board wonders why this street was created in the first place. Yampa Avenue, a route designed much better, is just a few blocks away.

Regardless, the city could take steps to make Barclay less dangerous.

Better speed enforcement and more police presence in that area would stop joy-riding teens in their tracks. Speed bumps would put a damper on drivers looking for a cheap thrill.

Motorists aren’t the only ones at risk on this stretch of road. Without sidewalks, pedestrians are left to fend for themselves on an already dangerous thoroughfare.

Putting in a sidewalk on this road would be costly and difficult, but safety is worth the investment.

Alta Vista Drive is another steep and dangerous route that would benefit from more enforcement or even less labor-intensive solutions, like speed bumps that prompts drivers to slow down.

The editorial board urges city officials to scrutinize areas of the city that pose the greatest hazards to motorists and pedestrians alike.

It’s common sense, but it deserves repeating: Projects worth starting are worth finishing. Safety, and quality of life, suffer if they aren’t.

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