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Editorial: Choosing our destiny — part 1

During its weekly meeting, the Editorial Board decided that the direction in which our community is headed was important enough to have both of this week's editorials focused on just that. Part 2 of this editorial will be published in the Saturday Morning Press.

What is the direction of our community? Where are we headed? Are we steered in the direction in which we want to go or are we just allowing ourselves to be led wherever we might be taken?

In order to figure out where we truly want to go we must encourage discussion by the entire community. We think a discussion of this magnitude calls for input from a wide range of residents, not only the 40 or 50 people who seem to be involved in everything.

The Moffat County Quality of Life Project, organized by Chris Jones of the Craig/Moffat Economic Development Partnership board, is a good first step.

The contest calls anyone and everyone to share their written and visual interpretations of what makes Moffat County a great place to live and work.

At the end of this contest, we will hopefully yield a more defined vision of what we as citizens adore about the quality of life we live.

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And recognizing the positives our community offers is key to our progress and success. We need to remedy the "lack of" mentality that many residents have.

There is a perception, or maybe a reality, that there is a "lack of" nightlife, "lack of" shopping opportunities, "lack of" young professionals.

Whether this is true or not needs to be discussed and, ideally, addressed.

Colorado Northwestern Community College has taken many steps and has a proactive plan for the future, for which they deserve recognition. When the campus, including dorms, is complete, the facility alone will provide a greater conduit to increasing the number of people in the 18 to 35 demographic living in our community.

That influx of young people could quite possibly be an increased demand substantial enough to bring businesses that will eliminate the "lack of" mentioned above.

We contend that forward-looking projects and people are the key to a strong future for our community. Residents are not always open to those with new ideas. We must change that.

Rather than shunning someone with a new idea, we need to embrace it, consider it and encourage further generation of new ideas.

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Our View

The community needs to break out of the “lack of” mentality and take a proactive role in its future.