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Editorial: Brent Curtice should reveal punishment of upperclassmen

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Last week, the community learned that five Moffat County High School coaches were asked to resign following an alleged hazing incident that took place at football camp from June 18 to 20 in Evanston, Wyoming.

The coaches were asked to resign after the school district completed its investigation of the coaches and students.

What’s still unknown is the disciplinary action the school district will take against the upperclassmen who allegedly hazed freshmen.

It’s a question that the Craig Daily Press has been asking Moffat County School District Superintendent Brent Curtice on a daily basis, and the community deserves an answer.

Curtice has said that it’s a private matter, and in order to protect students’ rights, he cannot reveal such information. We respectfully disagree. We believe that in order for the Craig community to begin to heal, the school district needs to be transparent about the punishment that will be dealt to the upperclassmen who were involved.

Let us be clear, the school district does not have a legal obligation to release this information, but it certainly has a moral obligation. We respect the privacy of the individual students involved, but we don’t believe the details about the number of students involved and the punishment they will face compromises their privacy.

On the brink of a new school year, it’s important for parents, students and teachers to have a positive feeling about the district before the school year starts. This is especially important considering the district has new leaders including a new superintendent, a new high school principal, a new middle school principal and a new elementary school principal. When that first day of school comes Aug. 25, the community should have faith in its new administrators that they will protect its children.

The recent alleged hazing events have sent rumors flying from every corner of Craig, and it seems that the No. 1 question on everyone’s mind is, “What will happen to the aggressors?” The rumors are hurting people and confusing the community.

The school district can best restore the trust and confidence of the community by being open and honest about how it handles bullying.

So we ask you, Mr. Curtice, to please reveal what you have in store for those who allegedly bullied freshmen at the football camp in Wyoming.

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