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Editorial Board: Thankful for the following and more

The sign welcoming drivers to Craig on the east side of town along Highway 40.
Cuyler Meade / Craig Press

It’s that time of year when we engage in an exercise we really ought to all year long and express our gratitude for the people and things that make our lives better.

At the Craig Press editorial board, we see an awful lot in our community for which to be thankful this Thanksgiving.

This totally non-comprehensive list is some of what brightens our spirits, this time of year and always.

We’re thrilled to look at what’s happening in our public schools right now. Whatever you think about politics — and, while important, this isn’t the moment to discuss that — we’ve been truly encouraged by the good stories coming out of Moffat County schools lately.

From building administrators new and not-so-new innovating to better serve kids and connect parents, to teachers exuding passion in their critical work, to all others who work and serve our children pouring themselves into what could be a job but is clearly a calling — we are grateful. We see you, we appreciate you. Thank you.

We know so many businesses are struggling to hire right now. Whatever is driving that, we so appreciate those who are working — especially in service industries.

It’s a time when most of these good folks are stretched too thin and honored too little and — particularly in a moment in time when they’ve had higher leverage than ever due to the short supply of similar, quality workers — we’re so grateful for those who do their work with compassion, courtesy and effort. We see your energy and your work ethics, and we honor you for it. Thank you.

It’s been a heck of a couple of years for those in healthcare worldwide, but it sure feels like our little corner has had its own particularly challenging epoch. Whatever we might be frustrated by in our local healthcare space, we shouldn’t and cannot overlook or ignore the enormous gratitude we feel for the nurses, therapists, technicians, doctors, assistants and so many others who dealt with us, our loved ones and our neighbors at these critical times with love and skill.

You have been literal lifelines in an inconceivable time. We see your dedication, your sacrifice, and your good works. Thank you.

There are so many — postal workers and delivery folks, grocery clerks, small business employees and owners both, teachers, custodians, parents, neighbors — who are working, such as the phrase has recently been coined, on the “front lines” of the battle in which we all find ourselves. This isn’t about a pandemic, or about politics, or about any crisis or concern in particular. It’s about Craig. It’s about making Craig great — this big old machine that hums thanks to the precise, consistent movements of thousands of little cogs. And you do that. You footsoldiers in the battle against complacency and entropy may not always get the headlines or the front-page photos, but, in truth, you really should.

We see you all. Actually, we don’t — that’s kind of the point, isn’t it? You do your work in your own little corners, brightening your space with what light you have to give without hope of notoriety or reflection. You are what makes Craig great. You are what makes Craig… Craig.

We are grateful for you all. We honor you. This is our ode to your quiet, unsung service to your community.

Thank you, Craig. And happy Thanksgiving.

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