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Editorial: Being an informed voter

Editorial board:

Renee Campbell, newspaper representative

Noelle Leavitt Riley, newspaper representative

Sheli Steele, newspaper representative

Hal Glanville, community representative

Jobeth Haydon-Tupa, community representative

Eldon Holland, community representative (absent)

Election season is months away, but campaigns are heating up among candidates locally, statewide and nationally.

We’d like to remind readers that it’s not only our duty as American citizens to vote, but it’s also our duty to be informed voters.

It’s vitally important that voters know and understand what the issues are before casting a ballot.

Oftentimes, voters will choose a candidate based on a party line without knowing very much about that person or what he or she stands for.

We ask that you keep your finger on the pulse of what’s important not only to you as an individual but the community in which you live.

Many of us grow up hearing our parents or grandparents’ political affiliations and we automatically become affiliated with the party they choose without really knowing the ins and outs of that party.

Thus, we ask the young voters to take time to understand the politics in our nation, state and county before making decisions.

Additionally, it’s equally important for candidates to know what’s important to the voters and the area where they’re running for an elected position.

For local candidates running for office, we ask that you touch on the issues that mater most and that will affect the lives of Moffat County residents. Stick to the important issues that you’ll have control over once you potentially become elected.