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Editorial: Avoiding the trappings of Christmasmania

Lost in all the static sometimes associated with the Christmas season — the stress of buying and wrapping presents, the tedious tasks behind organizing and hosting get-togethers, and the calendar consuming commitments of various functions — is one of the primary benefits of this wonderful time of year.

Simply enjoying the company of others.

Forgetting this is an easy trap door to fall through, Editorial Board members agree. But, to us, and we're willing to bet for many of you, this time of year is much better spent appreciating the days leading up to the holiday, rather than blitzing past them.

And, when the holiday arrives, we want to be around other people — friends, family or merely people from our community.

The Editorial Board would like to encourage everyone in the community to take part in some form of fellowship with others Friday and Saturday.

Whether that comes through being with friends and/or family, attending a church service, or both, is really irrelevant. Just be around people.

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This is a time of year that shouldn't be focused on feeding the animal known as commercialism, but rather one to be thankful, to appreciate what each of us has in life, and to be as good as possible to one another.

These are all simple but true things that are quite easy to forget in the Christmas-mania.

From the Editorial Board to you in the community, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. We hope you take as much delight in the season as we have.

Christmas for Seniors and Christmas for Kids

On Saturday morning — or Friday night, depending on the level of anxiousness — many children and senior citizens in our community will have a chance to open a gift they otherwise wouldn't have received if not for some of our charitable community residents.

Each year, organizers of the Christmas for Kids and Christmas for Seniors programs do unbelievably kind work.

Christmas for Kids provides gifts for children whose parents may be having financial difficulty, and Christmas for Seniors offers gifts to the elderly who may not have anyone else to provide one.

The Editorial Board is warmed by this feeling of giving and community work.

Program organizers, as well as those who donate to them, deserve the community's appreciation and thanks.

Their work goes a long way to ensure that everyone has a little bit brighter of a holiday than they otherwise would have.

Our View

It’s always important to be thankful for the things you have in life, but never more so than this holiday week. Take time away from the Christmas rush to enjoy being around other people and cherishing those closest to you.