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Editorial: A bit of well-deserved praise

In today’s rapid-fire society, no one has enough time.

The increasing demands of work, tending to family and family matters, and trying to stay afloat in an uncertain economy are just a few of the ways the average person’s time can be consumed.

Often, people feel like they have to sprint just to stay standing still, and rightfully so.

Volunteering, depleting a person’s time when there isn’t much to begin with, is a demand many aren’t able or willing to take on.

But, as questioned during a recent Editorial Board meeting, where would our community be without those willing to sacrifice their time, energy and money for the betterment of others?

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Where, if you start to think about it, would our country be without volunteers?

This week is National Volunteer Week, a time to thank people working at a grass-roots level on behalf of others. A bit of praise, Editorial Board members contend, is the least that can be done for our volunteers.

On Tuesday, two people — Lynette Running and Renae Virden — were honored as 2009 Volunteers of the Year during an annual volunteer luncheon at the Moffat County Fairgrounds Pavilion. The Editorial Board would like to further congratulate the two for their award and thank them for their service.

But, while the two local residents are well-deserving of the recognition, so too are numerous other volunteers for their service to community. They work quietly in the background and often without a word of thanks uttered their way.

This is unfortunate, given all they do for many people.

The Craig and Moffat County community, it has been well established, has a rich and lengthy history when it comes to charity and volunteerism. While volunteerism has been up and down in recent years, our community is lucky to have as many people as it does donating time to worthy causes.

Volunteers are the backbone of our community, and without their contributions, it’s highly doubtful our society could function as it does.

This week is also the perfect time to encourage those who aren’t volunteering to get involved. The rewards are there for both the community and yourself if you do, Editorial Board members believe.

Time is critical to people’s lives today, and board members aren’t insensitive to that. But donating a little bit of time and effort to a worthwhile cause can go a long way.

Add up a little bit of contribution from a lot of people, and you can bet our community can only be the better for it.

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