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Eddie Kiggins: Manhole covers a big problem, too

I would like to comment on the article in the paper Wednesday the 27th about potholes.

This is not only just pothole season, because there are man-made potholes all over Craig. Have you ever driven down some of our streets and hit those 2- to 4-inch deep potholes called manhole covers. They are all over town. If you hit one, you had better have a good hold of your steering wheel.

There is only one reason for these things to be there. Either the city doesn’t want to spend the money to raise them, or the street department doesn’t want to do the work. I have worked for a city before, and there are risers to raise these thing from 1/2-inch to 6 inches.

Also, another reason they are so deep is because the city keeps raising the street with chip seal, and the streets are getting as tall as the curbs. In half of the town, there is no place for spring runoff to go except into people’s yards where there are no more curbs.

I talked to a city snow plow operator who told me the manholes were left like that so that the snow plow wouldn’t pull off the manhole lids. If that was the case, how come all of the manholes in town aren’t like the really bad ones on First Street , Mack Lane and others?

Thanks for your time.

Eddie Kiggins