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Ed Wilkinson: The 21 gun salute

Ed Wilkinson

We all understand the version of the 21 gun salute pertaining to friendly ships entering harbors with the cannons firing from shore and from ships.

Here is an article taken from the American Veteran magazine. The article was written by Beryl Love:

“The practice of firing three rifle volleys over the grave originated in the old custom of halting the fighting to remove the dead from the battlefield. Once each army had cleared their dead, it would fire three volleys to indicate that the dead had been cared for and that they were ready to fight again. The fact that the firing party consists of seven riflemen, firing these volleys does not constitute a 21 gun salute. It is the three volleys that are significant, not the number of rifles.

Three volleys fired over the casket have become a tradition to mean the dead have been cared for. It has evolved into a military salute for the deceased serving their country.

Firing three volleys over the casket is one of the highest honors to give a deceased military veteran.

Our nation’s highest honor is a flag draped across the casket, folded and presented. Tradition is to place three spent shell casings inside the folded flag to prove now and forevermore that the deceased and his flag had proper military honors. Nothing else is to be placed inside the folded flag.”

The Craig Telehealth Clinic is offering flu shots to veterans on a walk-in basis.

If any veteran has filed a claim through my office, please make sure you contact me if you receive any type of correspondence from the VA.

I need to make a copy for my files and in some cases there is a time frame that must be met in order for the claim to continue. Past this deadline, the file is placed aside or rejected.

The service officers and raters in Denver are very, very busy, so anything we can do to expedite your claim is going to be beneficial to you.

The VFW Post 4265 will have breakfast buffets from 7 a.m. to noon Sunday. The buffet will be served upstairs in the main hall. The public is invited, so come share breakfast and camaraderie with fellow members of the community.

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