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East Elementary student selected for summer enrichment program

Bridget Manley

East Elementary School teachers Linda Brookshire, left, and Linda Davis, right, nominated fourth-grader Hayden Short, center, for a National Young Scholars Program this summer in Denver. The program offers enrichment activities that go beyond what students normally learn in class, Brookshire said.

Call them gumshoes, private eyes or super sleuths.

Whatever name you give sharp-witted fictional detectives, Hayden Short relishes reading about their exploits.

"I love mystery books," he said. "They're just eye-catching."

Mysteries won't simply be on the East Elementary School fourth-grader's reading list this summer.

He will play the detective's role in a seminar titled "CSI: The Case of the Missing Masterpiece." It's tailored to teach chemistry and logic stills and is part of the National Young Scholars Program.

Hayden will be among a group of handpicked third-, fourth- and fifth-graders selected for the program's session in Colorado, scheduled for late July at The University of Denver.

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National Young Scholars is designed for "outstanding students," and it offers "a renaissance of interactive, hands-on learning for young leaders eager for knowledge and ready to celebrate the joy of discovery," the organization reported on its website.

That description may seem like a high order for a 9-year-old.

But Linda Brookshire and Linda Davis, East Elementary fourth-grade teachers, nominated Hayden for the program, and they believe he's ready for the experience.

"He's always an excellent reader and (is) great at math," Brookshire said.

National Young Scholars provide enrichment activities that go "over and above what's normally taught in school," she said.

"It's a form of a gifted and talented program that we don't offer for fourth-graders here," she said.

The experience comes with a price tag. This summer's session in Denver costs more than $1,500 per student, according to the National Young Scholars Program website.

"It's quite expensive, but it's real prestigious," Brookshire said.

She hopes the program will add fuel to Hayden's already-stoked passion for learning, she said.

The program may dovetail with his future plans.

"You just might be a forensic scientist someday," Davis said to him.

As for Hayden's thoughts on his nomination?

No mystery there.

"I was really excited and amazed," he said.

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“It’s a form of a gifted and talented program that we don’t offer for fourth-graders here.”

— Linda Brookshire, East Elementary School fourth-grade teacher, about the National Young Scholars Program

At a glance…

An East Elementary School fourth-grader is bound for a weeklong enrichment seminar this summer.

Educators nominated Hayden Short for the National Young Scholars Program’s Colorado seminar at The University of Denver.

The program offers learning activities that go beyond what students normally learn in school.

Hayden will apply science and logic in a seminar that allows participants to unravel “The Case of the Missing Masterpiece.”