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E.C. Day: Craig

This year’s gas prices are at a high! And looks like it’s not going to get better. So I have come to an idea that I think might help Moffat County and the city of Craig.

We have a lot of people working at the power plants and coal mines. I have found that we can conserve oil and gas and cut back on pollution by (1) starting a bus system to transport miners and workers of the power plants. A bus for each shift. That will create jobs here. (2) A parking lot or bus depot to park your vehicles with a security guard. Another job created. (3) Those who live out of town or ride the bus to work will get some kind of incentive for riding the bus.

Who will pay for this? The U.S. government. The government will reward cities for trying to cut back on pollution and save energy. The mines and power plants can pitch in to help, for which they will get tax breaks because they are helping to save energy. The city and county will receive grants from the government. This will create jobs, save energy and cut pollution!

I proposed this to the mayor last week. The city and county will come out on top if this happens. Plus gas prices here will drop. This works in other cities, too.

E.C. Day

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