Ducks, wetlands benefit from banquet fund-raiser |

Ducks, wetlands benefit from banquet fund-raiser

Tyler Baskfield

Northwest Colorado waterfowl hunters and conservationists helped raise money for area ducks and the wetlands that sustain them by attending a banquet earlier this month.

The Craig Chapter of Ducks Unlimited annual banquet helped the group raise $1,500 more than any other year, or $11,821.

Dr. Allan Reishus, chairman of the Craig Chapter, was pleased with the banquet outcome.

“The banquet was very successful,” said Reishus. “Those who attended had a great time and were very generous. We raised more money than we have in the past despite a lower attendance.”

The banquet will take place again next year but will not be held during elk season, according to Reishus.

“We gained a couple of people who were in town hunting, but I think a lot of our local crowd were out elk hunting which lowered our attendance,” said Reishus. “Next year we will wait until elk season is over so everyone can attend.”