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Duane Koukol: The Little Shop

‘The Little Shop’

To the editor:

The front step,

A loose one by 12.

The door, turn and pick up.

The thought of a cold and empty coffee cup!

Open and you shall see!

Fresh baked and sweets.

The smell, yesterdays kitchens — OH!

“I will take two of those cherry treats!”

Hot coffee, today’s paper,

And yesterday’s, we do miss!

Little cactus in gaily-colored clay.

On a window, reflections of a smiling face.

I will miss the dining hall.

To myself, local radio station, in back.

Blue’s song, as I in my head, hum along.

One day away — conversation not meant to be heard?

I slowly rise from a well warm chair.

I know I will miss the cinnamon laced air.

The hot coffee, the sweets, I shouldn’t eat!

Little cherry pies and smiling face — goodbyes!

Duane Koukol