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Duane Koukol: ‘The Bus Ride Home’

To the editor:

Four white horses, no busses.

Filled with the hardest working people!

And head leaders of our state —

Did not appear!

My grandsons stood on stage, the hot sun!

With their cousins on their backs!

Their home-made signs high in the air.

While leadership in air-conditioned offices, hid from above.

The rain clouds did show.

While the other side, I don’t know?

I wanted to hear something about clean coal!

My salt water bath-diagram-o-emissions, on the bottom of a box!

We huddled, wet and cold on the east porch

Of a building with a west, plywood window!

As black clouds did dump.

An answer from the Capitol, a leaky drip hits my head!

As I lay on the third step from the bottom.

Yes, Jerry, they were still warm.

From the east side?

Was it the warmth on my back or just time between storms?

Duane Koukol