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Duane Koukol: ‘Here We Go Again?’

To the editor:

Here we go again!

Another long-range bombing mission!

While they throw down their guns!

Uniforms and run!

Ha! We gave those guns to you!

Don’t you want to stay and play?

Maybe we can give them more guns?

Brighter uniforms, more drive-through democracy, better pay?

Maybe, they just don’t care?

In a country that’s only known,

A thousand years of despair!

Family fighting family!

Tribe fighting against tribe!

They don’t have NFL on Sundays.

Here we go again!

Another 15-year war?

Another $17 trillion in debt?

Forty percent taxes next year?

Here we go again, sons and daughters lost!

Another, never ending, Vietnam, lives just tossed?


Never ends?

When do we say?

“These people!

Don’t want!

What we want for them?”


Duane Koukol