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Duane Koukol: For my plant friends

To the editor:

To all my friends at the power plant, hi!

“Camp Cook Wanted”

Must be bright after a cold tent night

Sleepin’ next to a prickly bear frozen at the top

He moans, partially rises, “Oh, no!”

“Probably another black bear dream?”

“Shall I scream?”

Must be able to bake cookies on a flat rock

And not burn your hands or get sand in the pots

Must be cordial to friends even though they may stink

“Might be a skunk-Hon?” or – maybe those hard beans!

Must be able to hit an old glass milk bottle

Save your empties

In the dark in a wet tent on a cold, wintery night

Don’t make no noise and eye-ball shot fifty yards

Blue grouse “One-22-shot slim”

Waitin by a cold fire snow still piled high

UH — tent drips, and the wood runs low

Turkey season, thinking of tulips and spring morning glow

Camp cook wanted

Must have your own pot of beans

A high boy camper, jeep mechanical ability required

And at least a queen, sun-shine on your face

Even when it’s down and your smile,

Yea — your sweet smile never reveals a hint of a frown.

Camp cook wanted!

Remember must have camper!

Duane Koukol