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Duane Koukol: ‘Five-Ten P.M.’

To the editor:

The football game on mute.

Sunday night, Pink Floyd, on KFMU radio.

You missed your war, of football announcers?

Patch in your own lyrics.

A first pat, on the left shoulder, not a hit, by a Forty-Niner!

A choreographed game of keep away.

And even without sound, improvised, not well rehearsed.

Unlike everything else, great game, by the way.

But, like fifteen minutes of Nine News.

Thirteen different political ads, with no sound, blessed.

How many times must you feel it run?

Not taking anything from you, Payton.

Five-Ten, how many more with you throw before your seasons are done?

On a Sunday night in October.

Payton, this one is for you.

Muted, yes, but not just another game!

A moment in silence, for the orange, “Omaha, white eighteen, on blue.”

Payton drops back, he has Thomas.

In the corner of the end zone.

Did he get both feet in?

The replay officials will have a look at this one?

They replay all touchdowns.

These silent words of praise, P.M., are truly meant for you.

Duane Koukol