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Duane Koukol: A poem: ‘Congrats’

To the editor:

10 o’clock in the mornin’.

The twenty-eight of April.

Cold wind did blow.

Buts gots a hot tip you should know!

His boots all shiny and black

Nice hat on the table, tie, too

Fresh cup of hot Joe

Still gots that hot tip I’ll show!

The best I’ve seen!

This man look!

Vest and all,

Usually casual stuff, you wouldn’t wear to the Grand Ball!

It’s those shiny black boots

I first saw, some salesman?

Na — it’s the guy owns the place!

Book and hot Joe, you know?

Well here comes that —

Hot tip from my warm coffee lips

Between the shelves of books

The smell of fresh brew.

Comes a man

I don’t even know

Newly married, twenty-eight of April

Congratulations and here’s to many hot Joes!

May your coffees always be hot!

The classics always open and worn

Of love songs

Eternal pages, never torn!

Duane Koukol