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Dr. Wayne Davis: Micromanagement is unnecessary

Dr. Wayne Davis/For the Craig Daily Press

Somehow the gate to the chicken pen was left open, and I’m looking at a scattered group of chickens and thinking about foxes, skunks and raccoons and the carnage I’d seen in the past perpetrated by them.

Well, maybe the fox has babies it needs to feed. Fox pups are cute. Seems like we live in a world where so many have to die so others can live. It’s been going on for thousands of years.

Maybe there is a strong spiritual parallel there. So many truths are true on different levels. Example: “You reap what you sow.” Pretty obvious. If you plant corn, you harvest corn. Treating your body badly can and does result in sickness and even death, and having done wrong things fill our minds with unhealthy thoughts, our inner self (soul or spirit) is, we are told, damaged and unable to survive.

The Christian’s God who sent His son to die so we can live (spiritually) is certainly consistent with what we see in nature on the physical level.

I’m still not willing to let the foxes kill my chickens. I’m not looking forward to a frustrating hour of chasing chickens either… so I call in the expert (my border collie, Charlotte). She had never herded chickens, but she assured me that is what they were for. She then proceeded to show me how it was done… in less than 10 minutes.

My staff has impressed me the same way. Many times they have shown themselves to have an instinct or intuition that is humbling. Micromanaging intuitive self motivated people destroys both their intuitive capabilities and their motivation. Teamwork and respect is the name of the game… sort of like Charlotte… just let her do her job.

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