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Dr. Wayne Davis: Fear of heights, media and politics

Dr. Wayne Davis/For the Craig Daily Press

Dear Charlotte, that dog of mine. We were on Grand Mesa at an overlook years ago, and there was a rock wall as a barrier between the “over lookers” and the precipice. She trotted up to the rock wall and jumped up on it as if to go over it. There she was, teetering on the edge with an expression of “Oh sh– (Poo)” on her face as she very carefully, turned around, claws scraping rock and jumped back down… sort of changed her demeanor for awhile.

From then on she seemed to have a fear of heights. Of course what is high to one person is not necessarily perceived as high to another. She’d still climb Bears Ears, but she was very reluctant to cross the Devil’s Causeway down near Yampa, a section of the trail 3 to 4 feet wide, with hundreds of feet of drop off on both sides.

Have you ever descended a stairway in the dark and reached the last step that turned out not to be the last step? If you’re like me, you end up choking on your heart, ya know, the old heart in your throat syndrome.

The saying “truth is perception” is hogwash a lot of the time. A favorite cartoon of mine is one by Gary Larson in which one pilot says to the copilot, “I wonder what that mountain goat is doing way up here in a cloudbank?” (The mountain goat being straight ahead.)

Makes me think of election night, Hillary being the pilot and Donald Trump being the mountain goat.

I for one, and I think many Americans, are sick and tired of the incredibly disrespectful attempt at manipulation by the campaigns and the media. The levels of synthetic perception being manufactured for the American population has reached a new grotesque high.

It’s to the point you have to approach any thing said with skepticism. The campaign certainly could be characterized as being largely candidate and media generated smoke and mirrors. I guess we’ll see what is actually done by the parties in power, ya know, the proof is in the pudding.

Dr. Davis is the owner and veterinarian at Craig Veterinarian Hospital.Dr. Davis is the owner and veterinarian at Craig Veterinarian Hospital. Dr. Davis is the owner and veterinarian at Craig Veterinarian Hospital.

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