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Dr. Craig Rummel: A healthy discussion on flu vaccination

Editor’s note: A letter in the Nov. 22 Craig Daily Press criticized Dr. Jessica German, local chiropractor, for a column about flu vaccines. German said the vaccine was not proven to be safe or effective.

To the editor:

I was deeply saddened by the letter written by D.A. Berryhill, medical technlogist, in response to the article by Dr. German.

Although I love a healthy discussion, I take issue with Mr. Berryhill’s characterization that all chiropractors and homeopaths are essentially “unscientific.” The profession of chiropractic has performed a tremendous amount of research. In fact, there have been more scientific peer-reviewed studies, performed by both chiropractic and medical researchers, proving the positive effects of manipulation than any other medical procedure.

Your advice to only stick to advice from medical doctors runs totally contrary to logical thinking. Are they the only ones on the face of the earth with the right answers?

I have been to China and watched surgeries performed using acupuncture as anesthesia. Is that wrong because our medical establishment doesn’t wholeheartedly endorse this?

There is incompetence and fraud in all professions, including medicine and chiropractic. What about the high error rates concerning laboratory findings, as reported by your own association? The consumer must decide where to get the most reliable information, product or treatment. “Buyer beware,” applies to all professions and businesses.

As a chiropractor, not only do I perform manipulations, but I also draw blood, perform strep tests and urinalysis. I average 100 hours of continuing education per year when only 15 hours are required for my relicensure.

Just because my training and choice of treatment methods are different does not make them unscientific.

Your response to Dr. German was filled with accusations, but no scientific data was given to support your opinion.

All statistics can be “skewed,” but I’ll provide some information for thought. The Centers for Disease Control on Nov. 16, 1984, stated that in 1982 and 1983, 21 cases of paralytic polio occurred in this country. All were vaccine associated. Robert Mendelsohn, M.D., said, “The only way one can get polio in this country today appears to be to receive the vaccine or stand close to someone who recently had the vaccine.” Dr. Gordon Millichap, a pediatric neurologist from Children’s Hospital in Chicago, was quoted on the NBC TV program “DPT vaccine roulette” as having said to parents of a child who had been damaged by a DPT vaccine, that he wouldn’t “even give that to his dog.”

Yes, these references are dated, and both the DPT and polio vaccines have been changed since that time, which only proves the fact that those vaccines were not perfect, “or maybe even undesirable.”

What will we discover in the future about the current vaccines?

There is a growing body of evidence and a growing number of “scientific” researchers questioning the use of routine mass vaccine programs.

The world used to be “flat,” and doctors used leeches. It is up to each individual to research this issue and then determine what is right for them. There is more than one way to drive from Craig to Denver. There is not an absolute answer, as Mr. Berryhill would suggest.

In the future, Mr. Berryhill, if you have issues with someone, please address the pertinent issue and refrain from maligning an entire profession.

Dr. Craig Rummel

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