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Dr. Andrew G. Hughes: ‘Disingenuous’ explanation

To the editor:

I know and respect each of our Moffat County Commissioners.

They are dedicated public servants. Their job is difficult and they work hard in the best interests of Moffat County.

However, I find their decision to not reappoint Missy Bonaker to The Memorial Hospital Board disappointing and their public explanations as to why disingenuous.

Missy has done an exceptional job during her tenure. The hospital board is one of the most important in our county as well as one of the more difficult on which to serve.

Her professional training, experience, dedication, work ethic and institutional memory made her the most valuable board member and her continued tenure would have served the hospital board and Moffat County exceedingly well.

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This is one decision our good county commissioners got wrong.

Missy's last board meeting is Jan. 26, and I plan to attend to express my gratitude for her service.

I invite those of you who feel similarly to attend as well.

Dr. Andrew G. Hughes

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