Doyle O’Neil: Vote Beck for mayor |

Doyle O’Neil: Vote Beck for mayor

To the editor:

After carefully reviewing the running candidates for mayor and speaking with a few local hoteliers, the Hampton Inn & Suites is supportive for Ray Beck as the next mayor of Craig. His professionalism, drive for community involvement and interest in positive change in our community is appealing. Ray Beck understands our community’s needs, how our economy depends on coal, oil and gas, and how we can continue to grow. A community requires a leader who is interested, involved and forward-thinking, and Ray Beck has proven to be this person. He has been involved with a considerable number of community events and knows a great deal about our local needs and where we are already strong. We hope you will support Ray Beck for the next mayor of Craig, America.

Doyle O’Neil

Hampton Inn & Suites general manager


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