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‘Down-to-Earth’: Five minutes with Chris Miller, 53, owner of Miller Family Appliance

Chris Miller is shown with a refrigerator on the sales floor of his business, Miller Family Appliance. Miller, 53, is a father of five and has owned his store since 2005.
Andy Bockelman

Where is your hometown? “I’m originally from Kansas, a town called Morrowville.”

What brought you to Craig? “I moved out here in 1998. I worked for John Deere as a parts manager.”

When did you open your own business? “Feb. 8, 2005. It’s been about seven years. It started out real well and of course the economy was good. Then it kind of died off, but it’s picking back up again.”

Favorite meal from a local restaurant? “I like the New York strip from the Tin Cup Grill. It’s a good steak.”

Favorite part of life in Northwest Colorado? “I’m not a skier, but I like to hunt and fish even though I don’t have the time. I really like the weather. It’s humid in Kansas, and this weather is nice. In Kansas, it can still be 100 degrees at 9 o’clock at night. At least out here when the sun goes down it gets cool.”

Dream vacation? “I’d like to go to the Caribbean. Jamaica would be a good island to go to because I haven’t been there before. I was on a cruise, and we stopped at three different places around there before we went back to Florida. I’d want to go to Switzerland, too. Seeing geography pictures in books way back when, I’ve just always wanted to go there, see the Alps. I guess those are two really different places. (Laughs)

Superpower you’d find most useful? “Is there any superhero that can clone themselves? (Laughs) That’s probably the one I’d most like to be, so there could be two of me or I could be in three different places at once.”

Business or restaurant you’d like to see in the area?
“I’d like to see a good family restaurant, like an Applebee’s or a Chili’s. Tin Cup is great, but they’re not really keyed in to the family so much. Maybe something in between Village Inn and Tin Cup. If I had to choose, I’d say Applebee’s, to get something like their 2 for $20 deal.”

Proudest accomplishment? “I’d have to say my kids. I’ve got five of them, ages 29 to 20.”

Most embarrassing moment? “Probably the time I was taking a load of junk to the dump and the dryer I had comes flying out of the back of the truck right on the highway. (Laughs) It was just junk stuff, and nobody else was coming on the road. I didn’t put the lid up because I figured it wouldn’t come out, so I just took off and turned the corner and then it was on the ground.”

Word or phrase you’d use to describe yourself? “Down-to-Earth. I don’t require a lot to live comfortably, and I go back to my country roots where I grew up on a farm. Family’s important to me, too, so I’d say I’m family-oriented and down-to-Earth. That’s how I’d like to be considered.”

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