DOW charges Texas man |

DOW charges Texas man

Hunter ticketed for trespassing on private property, illegal taking of big game animal

Tyler Baskfield

A Texas man who came to Moffat County on a hunting trip ended up spending more money on his excursion than he expected.

The Colorado Division of Wildlife (DOW) is continuing to investigate Jackie J. Sibulkin, 61, of Texas, who was caught hunting on private property west of Lay and north of U.S. Highway 40. Sibulkin tried to influence the person who caught him by flashing his Moffat County concealed weapons permit and telling the person the card gave him the right to hunt on the property.

According to Mike Bauman, DOW district game manager, Sibulkin was charged with trespassing, unlawful possession of a deer, unlawful transferring of a license and he was warned for unlawful possession of an antelope. He was fined $1,370 and given 50 license suspension points. The investigation continues.

Bauman isn’t sure if the man was intentionally violating hunting regulations, but is confident the man and his hunting companions new they were trespassing.

“I believe that they knew they were on private land, but I don’t know if the hunting violations were intentional or not,” said Bauman.

Jerry Rehmke, from Nappa, Calif., was hunting with Sibulkin and was charged with unlawful possession of an antelope, unlawful possession of a deer and trespassing. His wife, Elaine Rehmke, was charged with unlawful transfer of a license. They were fined $2,500. The investigation into the Rehmkes is continuing.

Sibulkin’s Colorado hunting rights may be in jeopardy over the incident. The DOW will look into the violations and make a ruling in a few months. According to Dave Croonquist, assistant chief of law enforcemnt for the DOW, 50 suspension points is a substantial amount of points.

“Upon conviction of the charges he will be assessed the points and will then be over the 20-point threshhold where it is state law that his hunting rights will be suspended for anywhere from one to five years, depending upon what the DOW decides,” said Croonquist.