Doug Slaight: Repair Swinging Bridge! |

Doug Slaight: Repair Swinging Bridge!

To the editor:To the editor:

To the editor:

I can’t understand why the Moffat County commissioners are not repairing the damage done in the tractor incident. They have the insurance money to repair the damage.

The bridge was closed for almost a year from 2009 to 2010. It opened back to traffic the end of October 2010 with major repairs and upgrades to the weight restrictions.

The bridge was damaged June 25, 2014 and closed pending an inspection of the bridge and insurance settlement. The bridge was only used less than four years since the rebuild and upgrades in weight restrictions. (Oct. 28, 2010 to June 25, 2014)

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Tipton said in June of 2015, “If Moffat County is going to invest in a project to repair one section of the bridge, they might as well take advantage of the opportunity to perform extensive maintenance and essentially rebuild the bridge.”

Now they say the bridge won't be repaired until 2017.

Here are my questions:

1) If the bridge has been inspected and the insurance company has paid for the damaged caused by the tractor, why not repair so it can be used the next two years? I would think the inspection and report of damage and repair would put the bridge back in the condition it was after the rebuild in 2010.

2) If the tractor damage would not have occurred, would there have been talk about rebuilding the bridge so soon? How can there be “extensive repairs” in less than four years? I would hope the bridge would last more than four years.

3) With the limited traffic, does this bridge need to have a 14-ton load limit at a cost of somewhere around 1.52 million?

Doug SlaightDoug Slaight

Doug Slaight