Doris Moore: New hospital needed in Craig |

Doris Moore: New hospital needed in Craig

Doris Moore

This is in response to Debra Sanders letter saying how expensive our hospital costs are compared to St. Mary’s. I would like to say she probably has her friend still because The Memorial Hospital has an emergency room, equipment and doctors there that took care of him, plus the new drugs that were needed to stabilize him.

I figured my Social Security check and I would receive $5 per hour based on a 40-hour work week, and I pay $400 a month for my health insurance that I need. I also pay my way concerning utilities, food and energy, so I know that the cost of living is high.

I have been in our hospital a number of times, and I do know the cost of that, too. I’ve been to surgery a number of times, and I know the cost of surgery, so I really do understand hospital bills. But, if I had no insurance, I can’t imagine what it would be like.

I do hope you feel like your friend’s life was worth the dollars.

I’d like to say I’m all for the new hospital in Craig. I know this old one does not live up to many of the codes, and we really do need a new one, not only for ourselves, but to help bring more doctors to Craig.

The doctors they have are great, but they are all greatly overworked.

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If our surgery area was larger and more modern, we wouldn’t have to leave town to have certain surgeries.

Of course, a lot of younger people don’t mind leaving town, but what about us who really can’t or don’t want to leave town? I don’t want to have to rely on my children to drive me to Steamboat or somewhere else. What about those of us who can’t drive? I am very thankful for this hospital.

Every year the new building is put off, the cost goes up due to the cost of materials and labor increasing.

Remember, traveling for health care might not be a big deal to younger people, but you won’t always be young.

Doris Moore