Donald Broom reflects country sensibility as Best Commissioner |

Donald Broom reflects country sensibility as Best Commissioner

After less than six months on the job, Donald Broom was voted Best Moffat County Commissioner.
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Donald Broom is a straight-talking kinda guy.

He’s usually donning jeans and boots, cowboy hat and a pressed button-down — one of Craig’s quintessential cowboys and simultaneously Craig’s newest and favorite Moffat County commissioner.

“When people meet me, they know me. I’m pretty straightforward. I’m a common sense guy,” Broom said. “I’m a good listener. I listen to what people have to say. If I didn’t know the answer, I found the answer for them.”

Since taking office early this year, Broom sees his role as a new commissioner as one of helping to bring folks together.

“I think we all need to come together as a community and as leaders — the city, county, whatever,” Broom said. “We have to come together to make this community work. It’s up to everybody what Moffat County’s future is gonna be.”

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He said Moffat County has no shortage of intelligent, quality problem solvers.

“This is a great community. This is why I love living here,” Broom said. “Nobody anywhere is gonna tell me anything really negative about the people of Moffat County. Moffat County has a lot of great people and Moffat County has a lot of people with a lot of knowledge.”

Broom sees change and hard decisions on the horizon.

“People don’t like change,” Broom said. “Unfortunately, here in Moffat County, we’re gonna have to start thinking out of the box and start thinking of some changes.”

That’s where community participation comes in, he added.
“Be aware of what’s going on in your community,” Broom said. “Get involved and ask questions.”

As Moffat County’s newest — and now favorite — commissioner, Broom said he’s honored.

“It means a lot,” Broom said of voter support. “It puts a look on when I was running for commission and how I got into office. It’s good to know people in Moffat County have — I don’t want to say faith — but confidence in me.”


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