Domestic violence suspect denies harming alleged victim |

Domestic violence suspect denies harming alleged victim

Dustin Jackson
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CRAIG — A man with a history of attempted murder and domestic violence charges denied allegations that he assaulted a woman during an appearance in a Moffat County courtroom Tuesday, Jan. 22.

Dustin Jackson, 32, of Craig, was arrested in March 2018 on several charges, including two counts of felony criminal attempt and two counts of attempted second-degree murder related to a domestic violence incident. According to a warrantless arrest affidavit, Jackson and a woman were staying at a hotel in Craig. When he awoke, he reportedly became agitated with the woman and slammed her head into the passenger window of a car.

This was the second such incident Jackson was alleged to have been involved in. According to the affidavit, the two reportedly got into an argument a week earlier, and Jackson has reportedly hit the woman more than 50 times and attempted to strangle her about 12 times.

On Jan 14, Jackson found himself in trouble with the law again after police responded to his home in Craig for a domestic violence call. Almost as soon as they arrived, Craig police said, they observed Jackson pacing, yelling, and kicking snow onto the victim, according to a warrantless arrest affidavit filed Jan. 15.

Upon further investigation, police noticed several injuries on the victim, including bruises, a swollen jaw, and petechiae in the victim’s right eye. Police also noticed injuries to the victim’s throat.

“I observed dark marks around (the victim’s) throat,” a Craig police officer said in the affidavit. “I asked her to tell me what happened.”

That’s when the victim told police about additional alleged abuse in the days before Jan. 14.

Police said it was then they placed Jackson under arrest, but not before finding a green leafy substance and a small pipe, along with several unused hypodermic needles.

Police said the also found a firearm in the residence.

According to the affidavit, Jackson was combative and uncooperative once in custody, threatening violence against police and himself.

“Jail staff decided to put Dustin in restraints,” the affidavit said.

Apparently, Jackson was in and out of restraints in the days following his Jan. 14 arrest.

On Jan. 15, Jackson yelled obscenities at the judge and lawyers before storming out of the jail courtroom. Then, on Wednesday, Moffat County Jail staff said Jackson was so uncooperative and combative before his bond hearing via video conference, he stripped off his clothing and was sleeping.

Jail staff said the only way he would be able to safely appear before a judge was restrained, sedated, and unclothed. This prompted Moffat County Judge Sandra Gardner to postpone Jackson’s bond hearing.

Not much had changed by Jan 17.

According to jail staff, Jackson was still being uncooperative and combative, prompting 14th Judicial District Chief Judge Michael A. O’Hara III, who was filling in for Gardner, to decide to have a bond hearing without Jackson present, as Jackson’s defense counsel was reached via telephone conference.

O’Hara set Jackson’s bond at $5,000 for the Jan. 14 incident for a total $5,750 in active bonds.

On Tuesday, Jackson again appeared in Gardner’s courtroom and was less combative, but rocked quickly back and forth in his seat while Gardner read his rights. It wasn’t until Gardner read the stipulations of a protective order mandating Jackson avoid any form of contact with the alleged victim that he became more agitated.

“I wouldn’t hurt somebody that I care for,” Jackson said aloud. “I wouldn’t hurt her.”

Gardner explained that the charges Jackson was facing were allegations until proven otherwise.

“If it’s an allegation, how come I’m still sitting in jail for something I didn’t do?” Jackson asked before hurriedly removing himself from the jail video room.

Jackson’s next court appearance is set for 3 p.m. Feb. 19.

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