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Diversification key to Craig business’s expansion

JoBeth Tupa/For Craig Press
Severson Supply & Rental Company has two locations in Craig.
Sasha Nelson/staff

CRAIG — Diversification has been the key to longevity for one Craig business.  

On Aug. 15, Todd Jourgensen, Severson Supply & Rental Company general manager conducted the Craig/Moffat Economic Development Board of Directors and guests on a tour of their expanding facilities. 

Severson offers a variety of tools, parts, and accessories, from brooms for local street sweepers to the buckets, teeth, and belting required to run many of the draglines in the area. Its clientele is just as varied, ranging from firefighters renting lighting equipment to residents in need of mini excavators for home projects.

Due to diversification efforts in the past decade, the general manager of Severson Supply and Rental Company can confidently say the business is not solely based on the energy economy.

“If the coal mines shut down tomorrow, it would hurt, but we’ll survive,” Jourgensen said.

Severson has a tradition of setting high standards. It pride itself on product knowledge, customer service, and quality. The business goes to great lengths to ensure it moves forward thoughtfully and with a keen awareness that it wants to add to the beauty Craig naturally offers.

With two facilities stocked with equipment and parts, Severson Supply and Rental continues to provide niche market services to the tri-state region. 

“If you’re going to expand, you want it to look nice,” Jourgensen said.

During the tour, Moffat County Tourism Association executive director Tom Kleinschnitz noted it was evident a great deal of thought had gone into the business’ street view.

“It shows pride in the community and is one more step in making Moffat County more marketable. It is tough in tourism to sell an area that doesn’t look nice,” Kleinschnitz said.

Gail Severson — wife of the late Jim Severson, founder of Severson Supply and Rental — added, “Jim Severson always said, ‘Your warehouse floor should be clean enough to eat of off.’”

In Jourgensen’s opinion, the greatest challenge the local business community, in general — and Severson Supply and Rental Company, in particular — faces is the lack of a qualified and motivated workforce to draw from.

“It is hard to find dependable, hardworking individuals who will show up, stay, and do something productive while here,”Jourgensen said. “We are lucky to have some really good guys on staff right now. They are young, smart and hard workers.”

Located at 2453 West First Street, Severson Supply and Rental Company is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

The CMEDP board convenes in a boardroom-style meeting quarterly — in January, May, July and September — and tours local businesses the remaining months.

CMEDP board meetings are open to the public, and anyone interested is encouraged to attend.

The next CMEDP meeting is set for 4 to 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 19, at Colorado Northwestern Community College, 2801 W. Ninth St, Room 175.

For more information, contact Michelle Perry at 970-620-4370 or director@cmedp.com.