Allen Hischke: Disrespectful displays not appreciated |

Allen Hischke: Disrespectful displays not appreciated

I am not, nor have I ever been, a football fan. But it really irks me to think that some of these athletes have the gall to show such deep disrespect by refusing to stand for the Pledge Of Allegiance.

These athletes are not only disrespecting the pledge, but also their country, their flag, their fellow Americans, all veterans, their league, their team and themselves.

I have been reading stories recently about people canceling television football viewing contracts, people canceling season ticket deals and people refusing to watch football at all. I truly hope these sorts of things continue. As for me, if I am watching any program, and a football ad comes on, I will change the channel until the ad is over. Probably futile, but it makes me feel good to shun the NFL.

It is time for America to send a clear message to the NFL, the teams and the team owners that this disrespectful behavior is not what we want to see.
These athletes should also remember that, if it were not for this country, this flag and this pledge, they would very likely not be making the millions they are making playing a game.

I can tell you this: If I were the commissioner of the NFL, these athletes would be ousted from the league forever, the teams that allowed this behavior fined $10 million and that money donated to charity.

Just my opinion. Thank you for reading.

Allen Hischke

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