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Dirty Dawg brings wet-muddy fun to Craig’s Loudy-Simpson Park

Noelle Leavitt Riley
Gretal Gibson Pogline slides into the mud at the Dirty Dawg Dash and Dig held at Loudy-Simpson Park Saturday morning.
Noelle Leavitt Riley

The Dirty Dawg Dash and Dig brought messy and muddy fun to Loudy-Simpson Park on Saturday morning where 45 participants ran through a 5K obstacle of water and muck.

The Moffat County Booster Club hosted the event, and all proceeds will benefit Moffat County athletics, student council and FFA.

Two heats completed the course with Alfredo Lebron winning the first heat at 32 minutes and 29 seconds. He ran the 5K with his friends, who named themselves Team Marvel, dressing in superhero attire.

“It was really fun and challenging,” said Maddy Jourgensen, who was on Team Marvel.

Mark Buchanan, of Craig, and his pal Brian Bush, of Westminster, won the second heat — both crossed the finish line at the same time, logging 36 minutes and 5 seconds.

“We didn’t hear about the event until last night, and we were like, ‘We got to do that,’” Buchanan said.

This year, the Booster Club lowered the age limit from 16 years old to 10, with Aftyn Kawcak, 10, being the youngest in the competition.

“I liked it. It was hard,” she said.

Gretal Gibson Pogline also ran the 5K — it was her first year and she had a messy blast, especially on the slip-n-slide that was drenched in soap and water, creating a sudsy mess.

“It was a lot of fun and more sudsy than I thought it would be. I felt like the marshmallow man in the ‘Ghostbusters’ (movie) all blown up,” she said, referring to the soap bubbles she slid into at the end of the slip-in-slide.

Lisa Lawton, secretary of the Booster Club, gave out T-shirts and prizes to participants, and Scott Cook, owner of Cook Chevrolet and Cook Ford in Craig, kept the time.

After the 5K, the Booster Club hosted a mud volleyball tournament where six teams competed.

“We had a lot of time and effort put” into the events, Lawton said.

Concessions were also on hand, feeding the hungry racers and volleyball players.

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