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Dinosaur Town Council hires new marshal

DINOSAUR — There’s a new marshal in the tiny, western-Moffat County town of Dinosaur, and one of his first cases will be the overnight break-in July 25, in which thieves made off with thousands of dollars from BedRock Depot, a local restaurant and gift shop.

Darren Reed, the town’s new marshal, is already on the job and ready to get to work for the town, said Dinosaur Mayor L.D. Smith. Reed, will be working with Moffat County Sheriff’s Office to solve the break-in.

The previous town marshal, Taffine Patterson, who left at the end of July, has left everything Reed needs to pursue the case.

Dinosaur is excited to have Reed as its new marshal, Smith said.

Reed, who is in the process of relocating to Dinosaur from Delta County, said he has looked over the reports about the break-in, but cannot comment about an ongoing investigation. He added he will study the reports more fully when he is completely moved in and release more information when he is able.

“I am getting thrown into this right away,” Reed said. “And I am just two days on the job.”

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Reed anticipates being completely moved in this week and will then properly introduce himself to Moffat County and Dinosaur, he said.

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