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Dinosaur needs to be told the truth

To the Editor

To the Editor,
This is mostly to you Christina (M. Currie), but also to the people of this area so they will know the real story instead of the one-sided half story printed Nov. 11 (“Judge rules recall petition OK,” Craig Daily Press). There was a lot of very important testimony left out. The first witness, Diane Parkridge, who you wrote felt “targeted by the town,” had a lot more to say. (Did anyone ask her why she felt targeted? It was a totally unrelated incident with the town police.) She also testified when served the subpoena for this hearing by a neutral party on behalf of Mike Christoff that Mike was there in the truck. “He (Christoff) told me that I was supposed to testify that I saw Lori and Randy read the paperwork, which I didn’t.” Right here you have to ask, if she was subpoenaed by Christoff, why was she called to testify for Blakely? Several of Blakely’s witnesses were originally served by Christoff. All Blakely wanted was the truth. By the way, isn’t telling a witness what to say against the law in most states?
Parkridge also stated she had felt intimidated by Blakely and Christoff and would rather not be involved in any of this. Diane’s husband, J.B., testified that he had not read the recall before he signed … Christoff stated, under oath, several times that he saw everyone read the petition. Seven other witnesses testified they had not read the petition before signing. (One witness) testified Christoff told him it was a recall because the mayor had been taking town money for personal use. That is a very serious accusation.
Here is an interesting fact about Mr. Christoff while he was on Town Council. On July 15, 1999, at a special meeting of the council, Mr. Christoff was the only trustee who voted “no” on an audit of the books. This was shortly after town clerk and treasurer Debbie Morrill had been placed on administrative leave. Within five minutes of voting “no” on the audit, Mr. Christoff announced his resignation and walked out of the meeting. Now he’s telling people the mayor is taking money! Recent audits show that no money is missing.
Three of the persons testified that Mr. Christoff told them it was a petition to have the sides of the streets raised to match the new pavement. (New pavement on all of Dinosaur’s streets that Mayor Blakeley got the grants for.) One person even testified he only signed to get Christoff out of his hair because he was busy.
The allegations made by Mayor Blakeley on his letter of protest were left out of the article also. The letter stated that Mr. Christoff had misled people by not letting them read the front page and giving them false information about the petition. Christina, did you ask any of the Town Council if they support the recall or if they think the mayor is doing a good job? Did you interview any of the town people to see what they think? The entire Town Council and the majority of the people in this town think our mayor has and still is doing a great job. The last election 171 out of 196 registered voters were at the polls! That kind of turnout is very rare. Of those 111 were for Blakley. If an election were held today these people would still vote for him because they know the truth.
One more thing. When Judge Nobel ruled that the 43 signatures needed for this were there, she inadvertently miscounted. There were only 51 signatures on petition, not 52. She counted a blank space as one.
I expect the ruling to be reversed by next week.
Christina, if you are going to be one-sided you should check out both sides first. You could find yourself misled. It would be good to just print all the facts and let people decide.
Mike Warden,