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Dickinson appointed to land-use group

Tyler Baskfield

Moffat County Commissioner T. Wright Dickinson was appointed to the Interagency Wildland/Urban Interface Working Group.

Dickinson is one of 12 new members Gov. Bill Owens appointed to the work group.

The group consists of 11 members and one alternate who serve terms expiring at the pleasure of the governor. It does not require Senate confirmation.

The mission of the group is to assess and make recommendations to the Governor on using fire as a management tool and prioritizing statewide funding for implementation of the wildland/urban interface fire-plan work. The group will also assess the safety of land management practices and how those practices can improve the health of the state’s forests, rangeland and prairie ecosystems.

Dickinson was excited about the opportunity to work with the group.

“Fire has an appropriate place in the ecosystem,” Dickinson said. “I’m glad to see both the state and Congress step to the plate with the resources so we can start to use fire as a management tool.”

Dickinson said Moffat County may have the chance to benefit from his position on the board.

“The state has recognized it has the responsibility to help the counties manage fire,” Dickinson said. “We need the resources so we can do it correctly.”

Dickinson will be attending the first Interagency Wildland/Urban Interface Working Group meeting Dec. 20 in Denver.