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Dick Prosence: A letter to Sen. Bennet

To the editor:

This is a letter I recently sent to Senator Bennet that perhaps your readers would be interested in.

Dear Senator Bennet:

Thank you for your response to my expression of concern over the problem with illegal immigrants residing in our country. A bipartisan solution is important for the wellbeing of the country.

I am personally in favor of a regulated guest worker program after making it less inviting for illegals to come here by levying heavy fines to employers who hire without proper documentation. Without jobs, the incentive to invade us will be less compelling.

I will be watching the Sunday Denver Post to see how you vote on this issue.

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Spending by the federal government must be reduced. This can only be accomplished by elimination of some federal agencies.

You are an experienced educator. I am sure you can see the logic in returning all authority for running our schools back to local school boards, with oversight by state officials.

This is how it was before legislation gave birth to the US Department of Education, a huge bureaucracy probably not envisioned as such by the authors of enabling legislation. Please work for the elimination of the US Department of Education over a period of a few years.

We need a good energy policy, which includes development of all sources, green and conventional. Coal, along with, of course, natural gas, nuclear, and hydraulic must be a primary sources for many years until technology develops means for other resources to become competitive.

We don't need a US Department of Energy, except in a very minor role of running research and providing advice.

The US Federal Highway Administration should be drastically reduced in size and the federal gas tax eliminated.

Most of FHWA’s responsibilities consist of gathering in gas tax money raised in the states and passing it back to the states spending several billions of dollars in the process. FHWA's role should consist of research and advice, along with other minor functions within the US Department of Transportation.

States would have the prerogative of raising their gas tax to make up for the lost revenue. (This comes from a civil engineer who began his career at FHWA.)

I shall be interested in reading a response.

Dick Prosence