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Diane Prather: Moffat County to host 4-H Expo

Diane Prather

Moffat County is the host of this year’s Northwestern Colorado 4-H Livestock, Rabbit, Poultry, Dog and Horse Exposition that will be held June 10 to 13 at the Moffat County Fairgrounds in Craig.

Counties participating in the expo are Rio Blanco, Garfield, Eagle, Summit, Grand, Jackson, Routt and Moffat. These northwestern Colorado counties take turns hosting the expo.

Approximately 150 4-H members have registered for the expo so far, but the applications still are coming in, said Jackie Goodnow, from Moffat County Extension.

The expo is not intended to be a big livestock show. Instead, its purpose is to teach 4-H members the skills that are necessary to raise a successful project. During the event, participants will get hands-on experience in skills such as showmanship and animal grooming and more. On the last day of the expo, 4-H members will get a chance to demonstrate what they have learned by participating in species shows.

The expo is divided up by species of animal, so June 10 and 11 is the Dog Expo, June 10 and 12 is the Horse Expo and the Livestock, Rabbit and Poultry Expo will be held June 12 and 13.

Superintendents for the 4-H Dog Expo are Caroline Smith and Deb Alpe. On June 10, 4-Hers will attend obedience and rally, showmanship and agility and nutrition and grooming clinics. On June 11, the 4-H members will compete in obedience and rally and showmanship and agility dog shows.

The Horse Expo also will begin June 10, and it will run through June 12. This event is limited to 50 participants. Superintendents are Jenny Wood and Dessa Watson. The workshops and hands-on experiences will include grooming, horse judging, a ranch horse demo, veterinary practices, equine nutrition and riding with instructors (on a rotation basis) in showmanship, horsemanship and western pleasure. On June 12, 4-Hers will compete by ages in showmanship, horsemanship and Western pleasure classes.

The last two days are June 12 and 13 and will be devoted to Livestock (beef, sheep, goat and swine) and Rabbit and Poultry Expos. Workshops (on a rotating basis) for livestock will include carcass evaluation, live animal evaluation/selection and hands-on showmanship, grooming and fitting. Time also will be allotted for a quiz bowl.

Steers, lambs, goats and swine will be weighed and divided into classes for show on June 13. The classes will include Showmanship, Species Market Classes Show and Species Breeding Classes Show. Superintendents for the Livestock Show are Travis Hoesli, Kim Shriver, Todd Hagenbuch and Bill Ekstrom.

Superintendents for the Rabbits and Poultry Expo are Dessa Watson and Jenny Wood. Participants in this expo will attend educational seminars (on a rotating basis) and do hands-on in showmanship, grooming and fitting. Then, during the Rabbit and Poultry Shows on June 13, 4-Hers will compete in showmanship, species market classes and species breeding classes shows.

Market livestock exhibitors are allowed to take only one livestock animal to expo. Horse exhibitors can take one horse, and those members with rabbits and poultry can take either rabbits or poultry and a maximum of two animals.

Because the expo offers the opportunity for 4-H members to learn how to groom and fit their animals for show, there are limits as to the amount of grooming and fitting that can be done prior to expo. All livestock is to arrive at the fairgrounds “unfit” but clean.

The 4-H members are responsible for grooming and preparing their own animals for show. However, since the purpose of the expo is to learn how to prepare animals for exhibit, the 4-Hers may get assistance from other 4-H members or adults, but the assistance is for teaching and the 4-H member must be present.

Besides workshops and shows, 4-H members will be interviewed and there will be picture-taking sessions, barbecues, 4-H ice cream socials and the presentation of awards and completion certificates.

The Quiz Bowl Award will be given to junior, intermediate and senior divisions in beef, goat, sheep, swine, rabbit and poultry. An Interview Score Award will be given in each of the species division — horse, beef, goat, sheep, swine, rabbit, poultry and dog — in each age division. Showmanship Awards will be given for each of these species divisions, as well.

Herdsmanship, Small Animal Herdsmanship, Kennel Steward and Remuda Awards will be given, as well as awards and ribbons in Market Classes, Obedience Classes and Riding Classes. Expo completion certificates and participation ribbons will be presented to all participants.

Questions about the expo should be directed to the Moffat County Extension at 970-824-9180.


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