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Diane Prather has Moffat County written all over her

Noelle Leavitt Riley
Diane Prather, left, poses with Cindy Prather, Jody Prather, Jessica Prather, Kenny Prather, Megan Prather, Brandi Prather, Jamie Prather, Jaycee Prather and her husband, Lyle Prather.
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If you’re an avid reader of the Saturday Morning Press, you have the delightful opportunity to read Diane Prather’s weekly agriculture column called Pipi’s Pasture.

She named the column after her old cow named Pipi — a beloved animal that she often highlights in her writing.

If you’ve had a chance to meet Prather in person, one thing is evidently clear: she has Moffat County written all over her.

Prather was born in Craig on Feb. 13, 1942.

“I had two interesting things happen: I was born on Friday the 13th and I was born during really cold weather,” Prather joked, noting that it was 50 degrees below zero the day she was born, and her dad had to have friends help him start his pick up truck to take her and her mother home.

Her family raised Hereford cattle on a ranch at Morapos Creek, just south of Hamilton. She started her education at a country school, and attended high school in Craig. Prather and the women in her family have been involved in the 4-H Club for decades, and she currently writes about 4-H activities and events in her Pipi’s Pasture column.

As a matter of fact, she can cite every 4-H project that ever existed. Her knowledge and passion for agriculture is one of her greatest assets — aside from teaching, spending time with family, cooking and writing recipe columns for the Craig Daily Press.

Prather often writes about her childhood and growing up in Moffat County, and she includes interesting stories about her sisters Charlotte Allum, of Fort Collins, Darlene Blackford, of Rocky Ford, and Duane Osborn, of Morapos Creek.

She actually writes three columns for the newspaper: Pipi’s Pasture, Over a Cup of Coffee recipe column and Prather’s Pick, which is a weekly book review in the Wednesday Craig Daily Press.

Growing up, Prather’s husband, Lyle, played a huge part of her adolescence.

“We were childhood sweethearts. We started going together when we were in high school,” she said.

They got married in July 1965 at the first Christian Church of Criag, which is now the Center of Craig.

Her multitalented skills stretched into education as a teacher at Colorado Community College for the past 20 years.

Yet, teaching at the college isn’t the only accolade to her career in education.

Prather has a bachelor’s of science with an emphasis in education from Colorado State University. She spent years teaching high school along the frontrange.

She and her husband have two sons, Jody and Jamie Prather; two daughter-in-laws, Cindy and Brandi; and four grandchildren, Jessica, Kenny, Megan and Jaycee.

“I love my family dearly,” Prather said. “They’re the most important part of my life.”

Prather and her family enjoy their individual careers and ranch on the side.

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