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Diane Gallegos: My husband is the right choice

To the editor:

I want to tell you why I am voting for Glen Gallegos for CI Regent.

I’ve been married to him for 37 years, and to this day I am amazed at his honesty, how hard he works, and his passion for helping others and serving his community. He knows how to get things done and I’m not the only one that knows this.

He was selected from the best leaders in Colorado for the Governor’s Education Leadership Board. He was appointed from the Governor to serve as a Board of Trustee at Colorado Mesa University, asked ti serve in the Grand Junction Visitors and Convention Bureau, District 51 Strategic Planning, Partners Board, etc…

The community and state leaders saw what I saw in him, a leader that can make a difference.

Look at Colorado Mesa University during Glen’s leadership and President of the Board of Trustees they double their student enrollment, raised $150 million for capital improvements, tripled the size of the campus, re-wrote tenure, set up greater accountability, created a CU engineering program, and made it a University.

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Even with this growth they balanced CMU’s budget, worked with legislators to change laws to enable them to be more effective and kept CMU’s tuition the lowest of public colleges and universities in the state.

Just for that I would vote for Glen Gallegos.

But there is more, he was a public educator for 26 years and Assistant Superintendent of District 51. Then as a President of the Gallegos Corporation he led their expansion into five states with 1,000 employees.

Many can talk the talk, but few can walk the walk. Ask yourself, who can you trust to run CU’s 2.9 billion dollar budget? It’s simple, Glen Gallegos with his proven record.

Diane Gallegos